Liga Super and Laksa Story

I have to say I had quite productive weekends.

Woke up on Saturday with full 8 hours of beauty sleep (I’m one positive kid.) Get my a week loads of laundry done, weekly toilet scrubbing, kenduri at one of Mr C’s friends, short nap, went to Shah Alam Stadium for Liga Super Match, JDT vs Selangor. Not supporting any of them coz I am a big fan of The Ngap Sayot. I purposely tagged along just to make fun of Mr C if JDT lose the match. Aaannd they lost big that night.

Selangor 4 – JDT 1


I still love you, C. You’re so cute I want to pinch your cheeks.


But that’s not the highlight of the week.

The real big thing happened on Sunday. I went to Muah’s for a project.

So Muah has been asked by her colleague to be one of the instructors for “Aneka Laksa” class, so obviously, she’s going to cook Laksa Sarawak.

FYI, Jabatan Kolej Komuniti has this one program annually where they’re going to organise weekend classes for public and there’ll be varieties of classes for you to choose, depending on what they’ve plan for you to learn on that particular year. The one I joined last time had classes like “Aneka Kuih Talam” , “Aneka Pastri”, “Baju Kurung Tradisional”, “Buju Kurung Moden” and some crafts classes.

So I signed up for “Baju Kurung Tradisional” class and it didn’t end well. Making a Baju Kurung is a hard work, man !!!!! It literally costs me tears, blood and sweat.

 I gave up my long time fashion designer dream that day. Tragic. I hate sewing machine. No. Sewing machine doesn’t love me.

I should’ve signed up for “Aneka Kuih Talam” or “Aneka Pastri” class or the craft class that only need you to master the basic sewing skills like jahit jelujur, silang pangkah or sembat.

So back to the big thing we did on Sunday. Muah and I actually made Laksa Sarawak, without the help of Haji Manan Laksa Paste or the Cap Burung Paste or any Laksa Sarawak paste you can find.

We did it from the scratch, people.


It’s quite of an achievement actually. If it’s not because of this, I would not know that we actually need sesame and peanut to make the laksa paste. It took us a lot of patience to finally make the laksa to taste like laksa. It took us 3-4 hours to cook the laksa broth!!! If not, it tastes like kuah kacang.

Even my mom never cooks laksa Sarawak without the help of the instant paste.

However, we felt like the broth’s taste was still not quite ‘there’ yet, you know, just not like the one we usually had at Cafe Ceria. We felt like we’re missing something, that we yet to discover, an ingredient to make our laksa has that kick, you know. But it sure tastes better that the one at KIA. Hahaha.

Anyway, we were actually so happy with our little accomplishment that we even thought to come out with our own laksa paste, maybe later, after some improvisations and more tries.


 Hey, one can dream okay.

We even thought of the potential name of our product. One of the best ideas (of course, from yours truly) is “Dayang Azie Pes Laksa”. Just adding the “Dayang” for the authentic Sarawak bits.


We baked Bingka Cheese before the laksa project, and it’s heavenly delicious!!!!

So that’s how my weekends went productive this week. No photos because I forgot to bring my camera. The berry camera will not gonna serve you the gastronomic pleasure as it should be. OK. I’m just lazy.





A food made of fermented soy originated from the Island of Java. I had my first taste of tempe when I was in standard four, when I started attending SRK Matang, a school which half of its students are of Javanese ethnicity.

So you think Sarawak got no Jawa eh? A lot, actually. I was also surprised to know that there are Jawa communities in Kuching, still talk in thick Jawa lingo on my first day at SRK Matang. I was attending Sekolah Madrasah before that ( LOL. Madrasah means sekolah in Arabic. Those in Kuching must know this school) so kids there were like , city kids , speaks in Bandar accent like that, some even speak English.

  I didn’t understand a thing when my Jawa friends talking to each other. That was kind of exciting because I actually manage to learn some Jawa words and phrases from my classmates.

Banyu (B sounds like P) Chepok = Bekas Air

I can count 1 – 10 in Jawa.  Ermmm. Ok . Upgrade sikit. I think I can count up to 19. I’m not sure how to say 20 in Jawa, errr. Loro-loh? Hahaha. I  just add “Loh” at the end since 11 is siji-las and 12 is loro-las. Hahaha.

And of course, kids usually have the tendency to teach their new friend who is foreign to their mother tongue some funny phrases first, before they proceed teaching the serious one.

For example;

Goblok means stupid

Ngeseng means berak

Ngeseng eng celono means shit in pants


 I don’t remember any Jawa words after that.


Put the blame on my friends. They didn’t teach me any nice words actually.

So .. yeah, tempe! Why am I making a post on tempe? It is simply because of this.






Spicy kerepek tempe !!!

( That’s the best shot i can get since most of them have safely arrived in my duodenum)

Okay, maybe most of you have known about this snack already, and I am a noob for only know about this now but man, I still want to blog about this because I think this is one of my greatest gastronomy discoveries.

 Seriously people, this snack is so addictive that it makes you munch and munch and munch till you have no idea how life would be if you stop munching.  I am not a diehard fan of tempe, just a so-so one. Got tempe in my Nasi Ayam Penyet okay, no tempe in my Nasi Ayam Penyet also okay. But this one, is delicious!  I remember giving some to Muah and she just can’t stop having this kerepek tempe with rice. Having to know Muah for almost 15 years now, she is someone who always have self control when it comes to foods.

 If Muah says delicious,  IT. IS. DELICIOUS.

I actually started to know about this spicy kerepek tempe when a colleague brought it to our office after she came back from a work trip in Johor. She told me she bought this snack from a kerepek shop at RNR Pagoh Northbound.

So, for those who are Jawa at heart or avid tempe eater or kerepek fan or just love to munch,  go and have a try on this spicy kerepek tempe. I think Parit Jawa in Batu Pahat also have this kerepek because that is the place of origin of many awesome kerepeks.

Disclaimer : I am not an agent of any kerepek supplier in Parit Jawa. This kerepek has making me munch a lot that I think it’s worth sharing.